American no hyphen needed

Born in the U.S.A
No hyphen needed…

I am not european american, polish american, irish american,
mexican american, african etc
though you never know

of the facciones of my ancestors some faces have the legendary “negro nose”

I go where I will speak how I will
give respect but I never will grovel

I have no allegiance to a foreign power or culture
I choose from my past and the past of others
Take wisdom where i find it
like gold along the path

what race was this sojourner that left his treasure for me?
I just can’t seem to care
As gratitude fills my heart

I have consumed and will continue so doing
egg rolls and dim sum, Pho and tamales at my whim
candied yams and smoothies, jicamas and cuachalate
Mexican non corporatist beer and texas artisan brew

Candied yams and corn pone
Grits and mulligan stew
Enchiladas and Texas chili
Eggs poached and huevos rancheros too

What grabs my taste and makes sense
What else should a man do?

The essence of the East, the warmth of the south
Pure extracts of cultural worth
The wind of eternity sifts sweet through the soul
The dark history will rob itself of its flame
As the last of its evil smolders away

The ethnics and the tribal
White, black and brown
The Jews and the Lebanese and
The white shoe boys all
Know how to multiply the coins

There is so much to love
So much to only be learned from

Pirates, thieves, slavers and bandits
Part of us all, like it or not
All our ancestors have been on the bottom
Sometimes they have been on top.

communism, fake capitalism, feudalism and fascism
All are blood lusting for liberty
Those that would kill her
Seek to destroy her
Disguise their intent with sophistry

Pretense of Courtship hiding murderous intent

The blood of the englishman drips through my veins
The slavs of middle europe have their say
The scots and the irish whisper gaelic to my ear

After all these years

This America is a beautiful land
So are many others
This America had opportunity and freedom
And a pursuit of happiness right
Once upon a time

Given time all will fall from their high ideals
And in spite of the evil and the wrong
America remains and I am her son
Will protect her however many are the coming days

Will do my best with the willful trash
that seek only to get along
At any cost
And get what they can
While they still can get it
At any price
Even unto the loss of the best of themselves
and all the treasure of their hearts

They permit the beast the frenzy of his teeth
As he rends what is left from our hearts
Manhood, womanhood, childhood

but sweet liberty he rends most of all
The fake americans along for the ride
may permit themselves a sigh
but they don’t want to think for too long

I am an American no hyphen needed
Made from many a song
I can be killed but part will never die
My land is beautiful dirt
But the dream goes on and on

the political elite, the corporate borg, and the dependent horde
Say they rule me…
We will see


Author: Edgardo

Born in Houston, Texas and moved to Raymondvile, Texas in 1969. Family bought a radio station and helped with the family business until it was sold in 1997. Since then started an agency and mostly writes about experiences in Deep South Texas. Writers of the Rio Grande founder, editor and contributing author.


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