Ciudad Juarez News – December 7, 2012

In recent pieces, FNS has mentioned the revitalization project that is underway in the historic downtown of Ciudad Juarez. The state-city plan moves forward, with workmen now engaged in constructing a controversial train tunnel/underpass. Long-time border activist and independent filmmaker Richard Boren has captured images of a changing downtown and some of the people who are struggling to maintain a local character in the heart and soul of Ciudad Juarez.

Interested readers can check out scenes from contemporary Ciudad Juarez by viewing a video produced by Boren that’s now posted on YouTube. The link is provided below.

On a recent visit, Boren’s camera captured musicians at La Nueva Central, a popular diner and community hangout that is resisting demolition; an Aztec dancer in the historic Plaza de Armas across from the Cathedral, where a small monument to the murdered women of Juarez stands amid the constant din of passing buses, fluttering pigeons and incessant preachers; the razed lots of the old Mariscal red-light district; the grit and glory of the old tourist strip of Avenida Juarez; and other landmarks. The short video is subtitled in Spanish. In an e-mail to FNS, Boren said he hoped to have an English-subtitled version of the piece up sometime in the future.

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